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Carnegie Arts Center
New to the Carnegie Community Arts Center in downtown Somerset, Kentucky.

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Cedar Valley Pens
can be found at Alabaster Box Gifts, Somerset, Kentucky.

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Dave Perison

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Creating new and different combinations of materials sets the stage for the pens and other ornamental turnings I create.

I strive to maintain uniqueness in each of my pieces. To have a different take, feel, and slant on the materials I choose.

It is important to me that I am doing something different and nice.

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David William

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INTRODUCING Cedar Valley Turkey Pots!

Cedar Valley Turkey Pot No. 63

Custom Made Cedar Slate Call, signed by the Artist

Performance, Performance, Performance!

When I put one of these calls in one of the avid Turkey Hunters I know, they look at it, but only for a second. Then they play it, then they smile and say how much. Then they reach for their wallet.

If you haven't used a cedar slate call up to now, you need to try one. These calls are hand made of Kentucky Cedar which has been kiln dried and hand turned. They have a perky raspy tone and are designed to give the hunter dual tonal qualities, allowing the hunter to simulate multiple birds with one call.

Strikers of Purple Heart and Ash are provided to allow the hunter maximum flexibility and customization to suit their wishes.

Slate over glass construction for premium results.

Unique, autographed packaging make this pot a nice collectible.

For a Limited Time, Enjoy a Special Price

Contact me through Facebook and recieve wholsesale pricing during this introductory offer.

If you enjoy your Turkey Pot, give us a comment on the Facebook!

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Pulaski County High Gym Floor

In 2012, the gym floor was removed from Pulaski County High as part of a remodeling job. The Maple flooring has been in the Gym from 1983 to 2012. I have obtained a selection of highly figured Curly Maple & Birdseye Maple from the scraps of wood torn out of the gymnasium.

School Fundraiser - For a limited time, and while supplies last, I am offering PCHS Gym Floor pens for $20. A large part of the proceeds from these pens will be donated to various teams at PCHS.

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Cedar Valley

At 5:30 in the morning, more often than not, a heavy fog lies over Cedar Valley. It is this time before the start of modern hectic life, that I make the trip to my shop to spend a few precious minutes creating. As the sun lifts the fog from Cedar Valley, I lift the fog from my mind by envisioning and executing my chosen task, making something of grace and beauty of the bits and pieces nature has given us. To take a few moments to show appreciation and give functional elegance to some remnants of nature's grandeur.

Scraps and leavings, findings and discoveries, combinations and pairings. Maple, Walnut, Beech, Antler, Bone, Seashells, and Cedar. To Burl or knot. Mixing and matching I discover ways to bring together these pieces with manmade and exotics to use that which the Lord has given us to bring pleasure to what we mistake to be trivial.

Pens are my favorite. Pens are personal, pens are creative, pens are one of the ways which we can express our thoughts, our feelings, our needs, our victories, and our challenges. Pens are personal, an extension of any author, a tool to any businessman, and a statement of who we are and how we express ourselves. Functional Elegance.

Eden's Sunfall

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